Crystal Tomato – My Whitening Holy Grail

14th May 2015 - Beauty / Product Reviews

So, I’ve been won over by Crystal Tomato.

Being always skeptical with ingesting whitening pills, and what’s more for that fancy price tag this came with, I deliberated for a while before finally succumbing to the temptation of giving it a try!

Crystal Tomato is a one-a-day tablet that contains ‘colourless carotenoids’ extracted from a unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes – the result of a decade long research and development. These colourless carotenoids, is a powerful ingredient for skin whitening.

In addition, it contains L-cysteine*, an amino acid, which activates the natural production of glutathione in your body to further boost the lightening of dark pigmentation.

The benefits of Crystal Tomato are :

  • Natural Sunscreen – protects the body’s skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as photo-oxidation and ageing.
  • Inhibit Melanin Synthesis – prevents pigmentation spots from forming.
  • Reduction of Existing Melanin – helps to fade out existing dark spots or pigmentation, freckles, dark underarms..
  • Anti-oxidant effect – helps skin prevent against free radicals damage from our environment.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – soothe the skin and reduces signs of inflammation on wounds and acne.
  • Even skin tone – lightens and evens out your skin tone, promoting a healthy and glowy complexion.

 Side effects?

As Crystal Tomato is a 100% natural food supplement, it is said to have NO side effects at all, hence making it is safe for long term use. And so far, I do not feel any different since my start of taking this supplement.

My experience with Crystal Tomato :

This product is just, amazing! I am just into my 2nd month of taking Crystal Tomato. I have decided to give this product a try initially with hope that it will fade off a small pigmentation spot that was developing under my right eye. And, it worked its magic in just 5 days! *claps* The spot had miraculously disappeared. In less than a week, I saw radiance to my skin. It looks brighter and less dull, healthy and smooth,  and this effect is very obvious as I do not use foundation or makeup of any kind. Even on days when I have had very bad sleep or very little rest, I do not look as tired as I normally would without sleep. In fact, with a dab of concealer, my friends could hardly tell of my restless nights.


Bare faced skin in the mornings


I have, all along, been dubious about taking oral whitening pills. Some supplements induce side effects such as nausea, stomachache, sensitivity to sun etc. As Crystal Tomato is touted as 100% natural, I did not feel any different after taking it. Nothing at all! I carry on with my daily activities consisting of Pilates, gym or running and this has not affected my energy levels!

I did not take photos of before because I have never been a good selfie photographer, but this is just so fascinating and I have no reason to write a dishonest review as I am not paid a single cent by anyone to post this.


Priced at $168 per box of 30 tablets, this has better deliver what it promises. Buy only from authorized clinics in Singapore. (Find the list of clinics here). CRYSTAL TOMATO® is a registered trademark of  Gromark CEPL Singapore.

*What is L-cysteine? 

L-cysteine is an amino-acid that metabolised into glutathione. Orally ingested glutathione (in most whitening tablets) is not absorbed in the body and is directly eliminated. L-cysteine is transformed into glutathione and leads to the formation of “pinkish” melanin as opposed to black melanin. The combination of the L-cysteine and colourless carotenoids will lead to a result of pinkish white skin tone.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid advertorial post. I bought Crystal Tomato out of my own pocket, and the views are strictly of my own. 🙂

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  1. serena says:

    hi there!
    which clinic did you buy from at the price of 169??

  2. Eunice says:

    i just bought my self a box of crystal tomato yesterday i’m looking forward to see the good result.

  3. Sophia says:

    Hi Betsy! Loving your skin! I also recently succumbed and purchased 3 boxes to try. Have been taking it for A few days now i also notice radiance in my skin. Was just curious, which part of the day do you usually take it? Before or after a meal? Thanks! 🙂

    • Betsy C says:

      Hi Sophia 🙂 Thank you for dropping by. I take the Crystal Tomato in the morning before I head out as its said to have sunscreen properties as well. I’ve stopped for almost two months recently but think will need to start it again. I am glad you see an improvement in your skin. 😉

  4. Susie says:

    Glad to hear of yr amzing partner.
    That could also b readon for yr skin health as love is indeed an antidote to world woes

    I m married to a rotten husband who only ambition in life is to wretch havoc to end the marriage. I hv put up w so much idiosyncracies of his ego, n non caring hurtful ways n lost my 30s, 40s n now am in my 50s to hope that he will change! But truly a leopard never loses its spot but will only when its injured.

    Just want to tell yr readers louzy men never change their ways for u. Better leave a louxy marriage b4 you lose yr desire for yrself to b happy

  5. ZA says:

    I am on my 8th days of Crystal Tomato and the result is amazing. The skin specialist clinic has recommended me this product. My skin a little fairer and brighter now. My acne dried and recover faster. The acne dark spot getting faded. Love this product!!

  6. Common sense says:

    You need to eat and stop lying about your crystal tomato results. It is impossible to get results that fast. You are obviously being paid by these people

    • Betsy C says:

      Hi, I am not lying about the results and I am also not paid by these people in any way. I pay for every supply of Crystal Tomato myself, but as it is expensive I have actually stopped eating it for a while. The results are real, and my skin was indeed good while I was taking them regularly.

  7. Splashes says:

    I just bought at $160

  8. Rozie Zain says:

    Hi Betsy. I am Rosie from Sabah Malaysia. Just wondering how long can you see the obvious result after taking it? And did you take it in an empty stomach? Did it really close all your open pores and tighten your skin as well?

    • Betsy C says:

      HI Rosie 🙂 sorry for the late reply. I see obvious results when I am religiously taking it. My skin seems to respond lesser to constant exposure of the sun. I usually take it after breakfast in the morning. I don’t see that CT helps to close pores, but it does help with skin aura and pigmentation for sure 🙂 hope this helps!

  9. Veron says:

    Hi Splashes, may I know where did u purchase d at $160? Am trying to save some $ as it is so expensive. Thanks in advance!

  10. Kim says:

    Where can I buy the crystal tomatoes from which web site ? Am in the Uk

  11. AOI says:

    As common sense says, it’s impossible to see the result within few days or weeks. I bought last week at price $169

  12. Cj says:

    Hi there, did the crystal tomato onlyrics lighten your facial skin… or did your entire body get lightened?

  13. Nazurah Noor Azmi says:

    hi Betsy, do u have any ideas where can i buy Crystal Tomato in Malaysia?

    Did it works either on ur facial skin only.. or did ur entire body get lightened?

    • Betsy C says:

      sorry i have no idea where to get this in Malaysia. This is an overall brightening treatment. It brightens the skin and lightens spots. So its entire body though i took no notice of spots on my legs or arms whatsoever. 😛

  14. Vanitha says:

    After how long we can see the result

  15. Amni says:

    Hi. Did your pigmentation appear again after you stop taking it?

    • Betsy C says:

      if your skin is constantly exposed to sun rays and photoage-ing damage, they will definitely appear if you stop taking it. There is no treatment or supplements that will give lasting effects.

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