Estee Lauder’s Magic Serum – Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II

22nd February 2017 - Beauty / Product Reviews / Skin Care


At the age of 35, there’s no doubt my skin is in need of some serious attention. Our skin structure starts to weaken and collagen production starts to decrease in the late twenties, where first signs of aging become visible. In the recent 1-2 years, I can feel my skin losing its elasticity with obvious signs of sagging and it gets dry during the day.

I lead a very active lifestyle where I am always running under the sun, or perspiring over my climbing and gym sessions. The long hours of UV exposure and sweat loss makes it extremely important for me to use a restorative and rejuvenating skincare product that is able to help my skin repair itself at night.

A while ago I have used a sample size bottle of the previous version of Advanced Night Repair, even though I was pleased with the results the product delivered then (giving me glowing and luminous skin the morning after), I was lured to other brands when my friends gifted me some other skincare products.

I have recently rediscovered this MAGIC SERUM, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II again – a new improved version of the previous ANR with the new ChronoluxCB ™ Technology, which is said to take advantage of the restorative power of the night by combining potent purifying and synchronising technologies to maximise nightly renewal of the look of your skin.

What is the ANR and what does it do?


The famous iconic “little brown bottle” with a little dropper, the ANR is one of Estee Lauder’s star product. It is an anti-aging and repair serum that fights key signs of aging. It claims to slow down premature aging, reduces the appearance of lines, improves skin radiance and evenness of skin tone.

How does it feel like?

I like that the light orange serum is fragrance free and feels lightweight and non-sticky. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin leaving the appearance fresh and dewy.

What’s in it?

One of the key elements includes an algae extract and a yeast extract, which is proven to support skin cell’s natural purifying activity. The other key element features a patented clock gene technology that helps with the skin’s natural night renewal ability, giving you that rejuvenated look the morning after! other ingredients include antioxidants to counter free radicals, to help with anti-pollution and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Why do I love it?

I have applied it nightly for 2 weeks in a row now. I used to wake up with oily skin every morning, but with the use of my ANR with my regular moisturiser, my skin looks dewy and radiant in the morning without the oiliness. My laugh lines down the corners of my mouth seem to have improved in just a couple of days. The serious moisture keeps my skin looking supple and toned every morning. I feel much younger now waking up with skin that looks very much like I have rested well every night! Falling in love with my ANR!

What do I apply it with?

Apply a few drops of ANR at night on clean skin before your regular moisturiser.

Is it value for money?

Considering you only use a few drops of the ANR every night, a 50ml bottle will last you a long way. A 30ml bottle retails for S$118 and a bigger bottle version of 50ml goes for S$163.

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