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11th November 2014 - Beauty / Skin Care

The first time I applied makeup was when I was 14. During my younger days, I was also guilty of secretly wearing makeup to school thinking I could get away with it from the teachers. Now, looking back, I think I attributed my blackhead-prone skin to starting wearing makeup at such a young age.

In Asia, makeup is almost a must for women. It is not common to spot a lady walking on the streets with completely no makeup on. From the Japanese’s kawaii (meaning : cute) influence to increasing obsession with perfecting beauty, Asian women seem to rely more and more on techniques and procedures that will enhance how we look. And of course, makeup is definitely a way to ‘hiding our flaws’ and ‘bringing up our confidence’.

I’ve worn makeup pretty much everyday of my life every since I started working 12 years ago. Even on days when I do not work, I would at least have BB cream on to hide my uneven skin tone and those ugly enlarged pores. One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that if I dislike how I had looked without makeup, all the more I want to try to kick that habit of putting them on. I also wanted to challenge myself on how long I could endure going makeup-free!

So, the experiment started.

First few days of going out bare face was terrible! It almost felt like all the pores on my face are out to greet the world. My eyes looked dull, eye rings were dark, eye brows were incomplete. Everything seemed to be lacking. I was really conscious of how others looked at me. Every glance from people made me feel uneasy.

That said, however at this age, I no longer have the youth to vie with younger girls on looking attractive and gorgeous. I would rather be the person on the street who will have the confidence to feel comfortable in my own skin. I looked around and as many as there are ladies who looked gorgeous in their painted faces, there are also many who looked au-naturel and equally alluring.

So, what if we don’t have flawless skin?

I believe that the only person who sees your problems is you yourself. Just don’t worry about it and have the confidence in yourself to look beautiful without makeup. Till today, it has been more than a month of not wearing makeup on a daily basis. (I will only have makeup on when I need to work). Glad to say, my skin is loving it. And it definitely is looking better than when I first started going without makeup.

To survive the No-Makeup experiment, here are a few pointers :

1. Keep your face clean – Our days can leave our skin looking grimy and dull. Cleanliness also reflects how discipline you are in your personal hygiene. It is very important that you maintain good skin by doing regular proper cleansing and weekly exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and grime buildup.

2. Brow grooming – When you don’t have makeup on, you need to make sure your brows are neatly trimmed. They help to frame your face, and creates emphasis to the eyes. If trimmed nicely, they can make tired eyes look more ‘lifted’ and awake.


3. Enhance your lashes – Since we are not supposed to have any makeup on, what else could be a replacement for mascara? Comb a little vaseline to your lashes. They make them look darker, longer and fuller!

4. Brighten your eyes – After long hours of being in the sun, or in an air conditioned environment can dry out your eyes. When that happens, our eyes become dull and lifeless. I will use whitening eye drops to make the whites of my eyes appear whiter. They immediately bring pop to the eyes and you instantly look fresher and more awake.

5. Subtle lips – Some of us may not have a defined lip line, or even have an uneven hue on our lips. A slight tinge of color adds radiance to your face. You may avoid lip liners (as we have mentioned no cosmetics), but go for lip balms or moisturisers with a slight hue.

lip balm lips

6. Haircut – Go for your regular hair trims. A fabulous haircut that complements your face shape will make you look more groomed.  When you love your hairdo, you will look great and feel great as well! Messy and unshapely hair makes you look more tired than you really are.

7. Moisturise – Be sure to moisturise your skin and eyes although you intend to skip makeup. Dry skin makes your face look tired and dull. A well moisturised face adds glow to it. Go for water based gels / creams that are light in formula and avoid anything that is too rich and creamy.

8. Sunscreen – This is one step you must not miss! It is important to apply sunscreen every time before you leave your house as nothing is more harmful than the UV rays and free radicals in the environment that causes dullness and premature ageing. Apply sunscreen on cool skin 15 minutes before you leave your house a habit, and this will help your skin age gracefully over time.

9. Facial Mist – If you need to be out for long hours, always pack a bottle of facial mist in your carryon. They are great to add moisture to your skin on the go. Or if you need to clean your face outside, mist it generously and give it a good wipe down. They are great for skin’s ‘perk-me-up’. Misting your face regularly throughout the day will also keep oil secretion at bay. Your skin will look fresher and more radiant.

10. Confidence – There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident with how she looks, despite dressing up or down. A lack of confidence in your appearance will show. One of the ways to be beautiful without makeup has to do with how you feel about yourself, and confidence is just one of them.

11. Smile, smile, smile – A genuine, true-from-the-heart smile makes anyone look as beautiful, with or without makeup. It not only represents a beautiful confident face, it brings out a true happy inner.


12. Eat well – Do not forget the fact that our skin is our largest organ. You need to nourish it from inside out. To look beautiful without makeup, you need to make sure you are eating well with the natural wholesome food choices. Avoid sugary, salty, fried and processed food if you want to achieve a natural radiant outlook.

Makeup is only a tool to enhance our natural beauty, they are not essential to how determine we should live and look in front of others. Use these tips to look your best, and learn to be comfortable with your natural self.  Your skin will be thanking you for it, and so will your pocket!

No makeup, no filter!

Do you routinely go bare-faced as well? What are some of the ways you do to make yourself comfortable with your true bare self?

Love Betsy


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