Embrace and Enhance

Women of today are in constant quest to find ways to improve how we look.  We often find ourselves admiring models on media, magazines, advertising campaigns etc. Seeing the pretty and seemingly flawless beauty turn our attention instantly to the product listed below this stunner. Very often, these are adverts for skincare products, makeup, and beauty enhancing procedures.

Photo credit : Hugh Lippe

False beauty in advertising present to us the ‘perfect woman’ image – smooth skin,  with zero wrinkles, perfectly even skin tone, defined sharp jawline etc. We all know such pictures don’t reflect reality. The average women, or even movie stars, do not look like this. Such beauty is ‘created’ by digital enhancement, and yet, more and more women are hoping to achieve these biologically impossible standards. A recent survey has shown that young girls see the pressure of looking good as being the worst part of female!

Should we not embrace the fact that we are bestowed with natural curves and that we are naturally prettier looking than our male counterparts? It becomes like a global obsession that young people of today are starting to be very mindful of how they look even from a very young age. This is not a bad thing, but over-excessive pursuit of beauty can be dangerous. From as simple as piling on layers of makeup to feel more confident about oneself, to turning to diet pills, botox and fillers injections to cosmetic surgery. These are very real issues by plastering the impossible vision of perfection everywhere in our visual society.

The Bare Beauty’s mantra is that every woman can look good, with the right approach to living and beauty. Everyone has the right to feel happy about themselves, regardless of their size, shape or form. We want to look fresh and natural, and that inherently makes one look younger.  

Embrace :

  1. Love yourself – When you actually do, you radiate a natural glow from within. You exude a kind of personal confidence that makes you more ‘you’, and it becomes evident to those around you. People who love themselves are always comfortable with their own self, regardless of how they actually look and dress.
  2. Live healthy – Eating well and resting sufficiently is important, as it gives you health, which is essential to beauty. Just like how our body functions with healthy organs, you shine when your skin benefits from living healthily.
  3. Be happy. – Learn to focus on the positive, start to appreciate the smaller things in life. Inject happiness daily by picking small little tasks to fulfil, and that gives you a sense of joy and satisfaction.
  4. Be appreciative – Work towards appreciating everything around you, even adversity. Every moment has its beauty, play it up. Live in that moment for it only comes once.


  1. Beautify ourselves – Identify our best feature or asset, and bring it on. Enhance them with subtle makeup, clothing or even pairing it with the right attitude. 
  2. Develop our personal wellness balance – A beautiful mind and heart lead to a beautiful soul. Work on finding spiritual peace and kindness.
  3. Improve ourselves – Constant acquisition of knowledge to improve ourselves. It could be focusing on character building, knowledge gaining, interpersonal skills as well as life’s hard skills. As we are open to learning, we will then be able to improve and escalate.
  4. Change our living environment – The surroundings which revolve around us daily will determine what kind of person we are. Stressful environments lead to an imbalance in our health wellness. Improve the quality of our living space will better our physical and mental wellbeing.
  5. Change our mind-set – We are unable to remove all sources causing unhappiness in our lives. The only way will be to change our mind-set and establish the good in every unpleasant situation. Adopting a cheerful and optimistic outlook helps to improve your overall state of mind, enhances your confidence and definitely drive better results in everything you do.

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