Product Brand Loyalty – are you devoted?

4e81be95894a0.image_Every women loves their beauty products, well, almost!  To us, having too much of a good thing, is never wrong. Any beauty junkie, will always have more than one type of one product, and chances are, they (me as well) like to try various products across different brands.

Cosmetic and skincare companies are now working harder than before to retain their consumers so they will keep coming back for the same product they once loved. Many women like to switch products every few months (in some cases, if it can even last a month). Most cited the reason that the product failed to deliver as what the fancy advertising campaign had promised.

As a result, cosmetic companies end up having to release staggered “versions” of their products. It is not surprising to see products being launched, and completely obsolete in a year or two.  And to tackle that, they will push out a newer version, improved, added special formulae and ingredients, all because consumers are not coming back for the second one, if its not something newer and novel.

It may seem like “feeding” our skin with different products is nourishing, but what we do not know is that the frequent changing of products can actually have dramatic or devastating results on the skin itself. Delicate dermal surfaces are not meant to be changing products daily, weekly or even monthly. Having known this, we are actually taking a risk as we wouldn’t know how our skin could have been if not susceptible to varying products on a regular basis.

Most dermatologists suggest that it can take any time from 1 to 3 months to see the effects and noticeable changes from the products on our skin. By not allowing our skin to adjust to a certain product might cause more damage to our skin. Signs of damage could mean redness, developing tiny bumps, clogged pores, flaking, itching etc.

It is thus important that the average consumer learn to read and research on the products they are interested in trying out, by reading other consumers’ reviews. These information can be acquired and taken reference from beauty forums and blogs, ignoring the peaking hype in advertisements, often claimed as profound medical and advance researches’ results. End of the day, who wouldn’t find it hard not to trust what the doctors or laboratories say?

Product brand loyalty  is evident in consumers who spend time to do in-depth research on what a product does and actually have a certain amount of faith and conviction toward their choices. Their patience and determination results in good skin less susceptible to irritable problems and saves the person heaps of cash spending on wasteful products.

 Personally, I do change the products I use frequently, usually after finishing the entire product. Due to the nature of my work, I need to provide good and reliable reviews and feedbacks to clients from time to time. Understanding the fact that to see a product’s optimum efficacy takes time, I provide reviews at least after a month after using them. Our skin rejuvenation cycle usually takes 30 days for a full run. I try to resist the temptation to try a product that has been heavily marketed. I tend to wait a while, read honest reviews before putting my skin to the test.

How often do you switch your products? Do varying products keep your skin looking healthy, supple and luminous?

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