Learn to Love your Body


I may not be a convincing person to be sharing about this topic, as  I have been someone who lives each day choosing to be happy and not deprived myself the food i love for the past 10 over years.

Do not get me wrong, this post is not to suggest that we should embrace our body – the shape, our size, how it looks etc. No doubt we need to have a certain level of acceptance for ourselves, who we are and what we are born into, but here, I am going to push you (and myself) to learn to ‘love’ our body enough to ‘fix’ it!

I was very wrong to all along have this idea that those slim ladies walking around the city are born skinny like me (lucky us!), and I always think to have looked slim in the mirror, still fitting into the clothes I bought more than 6-8 years back, I am not fat! It wasn’t until my loving partner took a photo of me from the back one day, standing by the sink and doing washing, then I caught the cellulite forming on the back of my thighs! Urgh!

Not very nice, I can guarantee you. For I wear shorts out from time to time.

Now at 32, having stopped being physically (very) active for a good 15 over years, it is indeed going to be a challenge to remove those accumulated fat deposits. I am not advocating a certain fitness program or routine here, as I am still a greenhorn and learning. But hey, if I don’t start now, or somewhere, it is going to look 2-3 times worse than now pretty soon. Ladies out there, if you feel like me, please look somewhere to find that inspiration and motivation to start working out today. There is no one else who can help us, no strict dieting and surely no fast-track route to regain fitness. As every avid fitness professional can tell you, it never is easy to start. For me, I got my partner to give me a ‘big slap’ to know that the truth hurts.


Or, sometimes, a nice picture helps.

I will, from time to time, post my progress on this blog, together with diet and nutrition tips which I am religiously trying to incorporate into my daily life. Motivation comes when I know I need to ‘answer’ to my readers and keep my fitness level growing. So, bookmark or follow my page and lets motivate each other on!

Afterall, we only live once. And I want to live beautiful, with all the energy and fitness level to complete what I want to, experience what I have yet to.

Are you ready to start today?

In case you are wondering : I am currently doing reformer pilates, running, and gym-ing everyday! 

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