Is Breakfast That Important?

We have heard lots of emphasis on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. To stay slim you need a good full breakfast? What is the science behind this saying?

Breakfast literally means to break the fast your body is in from the previous night of sleep. Imagine not eating for 8 hours in a row in day time – not quite possible as we keep burning calories from movement. Food is energy and fuel for our body and without the right food and nutrition, we probably end up with low energy levels or fighting off an unusual headache.

It is proven that eating a healthy wholesome breakfast helps to increase your metabolic rate and it kicks your body to start the gear, preparing it for the long day ahead. If you didn’t have breakfast,  your body doesn’t process the next meal as quickly and it will try to hold on whatever nutrients it hold. If lunch is your first meal of the day, it will  just hold on to the lunch instead of digesting it for energy gain.

Researches have shown that for people who usually skip breakfast, weight loss will become harder and tend to put on weight easily. Reason being, when your body doesn’t get the right nutrition to start off the day, it tends to crave for other food substitutes for energy. This often include the junk food and unhealthy snacks which are high in fats (for energy) and sugars. The tendency to eat more than your usual the next chance there is food is also higher. That explains how all the cravings come about when you do not have a healthy breakfast that gives your body just the right nutrition it needs.

My motto when it comes to eating : Nothing too much, nothing too little. Just the right amount.


A really simple breakfast with frozen spinach flower and tofu mixed into egg. Fast to prepare and high in protein. Perfect for those gym days!

Some recommendations :

  1. Oats / Granola
  2. Multigrain Cereals
  3. Nuts
  4. Yoghurt
  5. Power Fruits
  6. Eggs
  7. Vegetables

Get creative! Breakfast can be fast yet nutritious!

What are some of your breakfast choices?

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