Fitness Put a Positive Reset on My Life

My life had been pretty average. Life used to just revolve around work, laze, surf, more lazing, eat, meet up with close friends, laze, surf (tech is a killer!) and sleep. Pretty occupied, I must say. But, fulfilling? I guess I’ve learnt now that its not.

Before, I treaded on everyday, just doing what was in front of me. I wasn’t spontaneous like how I want myself to be. I was afraid to try the less familiar, afraid of embarrassment, afraid of failures, afraid of ‘what ifs‘. I fall into this category of people who tries to make the best without wanting to move out of my comfort zone.

Now, I feel a changed person. Fitness has changed me. Or rather, vanity has. I wanted to change my ugly looking thighs.

The amazing thing about Fitness is it creates body awareness. Or perhaps it was Pilates that did that. Working out every muscle group in your body seems to have woken up every single one of them. They feel energized, alive, and always wanting to move! It has gotten to the point where I feel tired when I am not exercising.

So many positive things are happening to me now and I bet this has really changed my life and perspective.

Improved Posture : I no longer walk or stand with a slouch -who wants to look 10 times worse when they can look better? Standing or walking straight improves posture and allows for an even-workout for your body.

(Crazily) Healthy Dieting : I watch what I eat, closely – Working out everyday to burn out body fat and build lean muscles, how a tiny bit of junk food or unhealthy diet can write off your hard work of one session?

Spontaneous : I am more ready to try new things – Now that I feel I am fitter than before, the want to try more stuff is burning in me. Rock-climbing, horseback riding, run events, trekking…

Prioritizing the Necessary : I put my health before everything else – I’ve learned that we are what we eat, what we do, and that good health and great energy is achievable so long we have the right knowledge and mentality to change it.

Going Minimalistic : I focus less on who I am, how i look – Rather than applying loads of makeup to hide behind a lack of confidence, I am now happy with minimal, confident enough just to go au naturale and it does feel more comfortable to ‘focus less’ on yourself.

Happier : We all know exercise lift moods. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. All these work together to make you feel good. On top of that, you feel relaxed and calm after, and a deep sense of achievement when you push yourself harder and harder.

Is life hitting your hard? Is stress bogging you down? You can make the change, if you allow yourself to. The world is moving so fast everyday that the true achievers are the ones who have time for themselves, and allow for time to look within. There is nothing more important than insuring in quality health so we live happier day by day.


It is time to do something for yourself, starting from today 🙂

With Love.

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