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Korea brand - Mizon, makes good quality skincare products. Interesting packaging, and my skin seems to like their products.

Korea brand – Mizon, makes good quality skincare products. Interesting packaging, and my skin seems to like their products.

Many of my male friends have always been squeamish about the idea of putting snail byproduct on their skin. Snail cream is essentially made up of snails’ slime, or mucus (eek! I know) However, beauty always come with a price to pay, and in this instance, putting yucky stuff on your face isn’t all that disgusting as you may think. First launched by Korean brand Missha, the snail cream is touted to soothe, regenerate and heal skin.  This magic wonder snail secretion, as it may sound, is said to reduce wrinkles, soothe acne prone skin, as well as heal scars and burns.

Using snails as a skin treatment is actually nothing new. It was dated back to the Ancient Greeks where it was reported that people crushed snails and used them to treat inflamed skin. Now, already into its third or fourth year since the initial launch of the first snail cream product, this is actually no longer a happening beauty fad.

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SONY DSCI can never have enough of skincare gadgets. From ultrasonic massagers, facial sonic brushes, vibrating massagers to diamond peel devices – all in the quest of having beautiful and younger looking skin. Personally,  I like to try everything first, before I would (eventually) consider anything invasive (that has to be the very last resort!). After all, experimenting and exhausting all cheaper options seem like a wiser approach.

I have my Germanium beauty roller for more than a year now.I purchased mine off an eBay listing in Japan, supposedly authentic (as its from Japan) and I would very much like to think it is! This innovation semi-conductor facial beauty roller  was a big thing when it was first released in Japan, and seems to be still from my last visit to Tokyo a month ago.

The semi-conductor technology and germanium is supposed to relax wrinkles, eliminate dark spots, enhance glow, and makes you looking younger! In a short 15 mins of usage, it seems to give you an instant face lift, without any side effects, down time, none!

What is it? 


The chips on the heavy duty plastic roller comprises of over 99.99% germanium. Germanium is full of its negative charged ion, and this is released to our positive charged body, thus helping to balance out the positive-negative effect. It also helps get oxygen into the body and increases metabolism which allows your body to detoxify.

There are many different types in the market. Some has lesser of the germanium chips, while some has more. I bought mine quite happy that it has 41 chips!

How does it work?

Our body is exposed to lots of harmful positive ions. These ions are generated around us from our daily necessities, for eg. our mobile phones, computers, electronic equipement, chemicals, as well as ultraviolet rays. These have  harmful effects on our skin, causing premature aging and lack of lustre on our skin.

  • Our immune system is compromised and makes us more vulnerable to diseases
  • The positive ions slow down the body’s metabolism, in turn leading to an inefficient body system, causing weight gain and illnesses
  • A high percentage of water in our body becomes waste water, due to the positive ions and unhealthy food that we ingest.


It is said that one roll of the germanium roller is equivalent to 1000 taps during a massage. The germanium beauty roller uses over negative ion energy to balance off the positive, thus purging out the waste and toxins in our body, helping to purify our blood. Too much positive ions in our blood is said to turn our body’s metabolism slower and less efficient.

In summary, the germanium roller helps :

  • improve circulation
  • reduce fatigue and tiredness
  • tone facial muscles
  • promote collagen production
  • improve body’s immunity and resistance to sickness
  • get oxygen into our skin
  • push out the excess water retained in our skin resulting in healthier looking and firmer skin

How to use it?

germanium roll

I like to use my roller every night after cleansing my face. As it can be pretty uninspiring to just keep rolling for 15-20 minutes, I will usually do it in front of the TV while catching my favorite drama series. Apply mask / skincare after as normal.

How does it feel after?

Immediately after a good 15 minutes roll, one will feel a hot sensation in the face, skin will look flushed and red, but this normally subsides in 10 minutes at most. The redness will mean promoting blood circulation, and thus helps in the regeneration of skin cells, as well as the efficient absorption of applied skincare products after. Think of allowing your skin a good workout everyday, firming up those muscles and help in increasing the skin’s collagen production.

 RECOMMENDED! If you are a skincare junkie who wouldn’t mind spending on beauty gadgets, this might be a worthy investment. It costs about US$200+ if you get it from Japan. eBay sells cheaper ones made in China.