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Fitness trackers are all the rage. They are devices that help us keep our fitness level in line. For many of  us, getting into fitness is like wanting to up the ‘cool’ level – we spend a great deal of money on gym gear, footwear, carryon accessories etc. And here, it is one more gadget to ‘entice’ us into getting more active.

Fitness trackers already available in the market includes Nike FuelBand, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP, Polar RCX5, Basis B1 etc. Each one offering basic heart rate monitoring, movement tracking, pedometer and calories meter…

fitness tracks

Shine is a small dish-like looking device that looks modern and somewhat futuristic. It can be coupled with a whole range of attachments to double up as a fashion accessory.


Shine focuses on its high wearability, its versatility and its ease of syncing.

Wear : Lots of accessories to suit every day look. Be it just a simple clasp which holds on to your clothing, choose from either a thin band for exercising, or a watch band to add a bit of bulk for every other occasion, there’s  even a neck strap to wear, almost like an ID plate.

Move : Shine brings you through your walking, cycling, running, swimming, jumping, skating, surfing etc and even works itself when you sleep.

Sync : Syncing a device has never been easier. No more USB ports. All you need to do is place it on your iPhone screen! How easier can it get. Set your goals and see your stats.

shine sync

Misfits has decided to do away with a digital display. I guess the future of technology helps you save time even down to the seconds used to read a display screen. Tap on the device and there will be tiny dots lighting up showing how many percentage of your goal has been achieved.


The Shine  syncs to an app on your iPhone. The app’s simplistic interface tells you clearly if your goals are achieved and highlights your activity.

Shine also promises to last you a lifetime! Yes! It is made from aerospace grade aluminium and guaranteed water tightness. It has also won itself the Red Dot Design Award for Year 2013!

The future of fitness. Has it blown your mind?

Buy it from the Misfits website at $99.95 USD.

What fitness device do you use? How have they helped you in your performance in training?