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I hope that after reading this article, you should make sugar your no. 1 enemy!

If you have been following my blog or instagram, you will know that I always do (or try to) eat well. Even on days when I couldn’t get my hands on a all rounded nutritious meal, I will supplement the intake with my nutrition shake – the most convenient measured nutrition. This makes sure I am well covered for all nutrition that is needed for my day.

Ever since I started on my nutrition shake (I will introduce this in another post shortly), I have hardly been ill. It wasn’t like that for me all the time. I had always been sickly when I was a kid, throat infections, fever, flu, coughs etc. However, these 2 years have seen a huge improvement in my health. I exercise hard, I eat well, I make sure I hydrate myself well. I have actually been able to stay away from flu and colds for a long while.

However, 3 weeks ago I had a bad bout of gastritis, or perhaps food poisoning, or gastroenteritis… The diagnosis was unclear, as I was away overseas and the doctor I consulted was called in to my hotel. I felt better in days with the prescribed medication, but those were just treating the awful symptoms I experienced. No confirmed diagnosis was available. The post recovery took weeks, longer than what I had expected. It went on with reduced appetite, frequent indigestion, and slight lactose intolerance. And because my appetite was affected, I succumbed to my awful cravings of bread, cakes, and sugared food!

And so, for the following two weeks, I have been eating badly. Real bad. The food that I would have are those high in its glycemic index – rice, noodles, pasta, bread, pastries etc.

Why am I not shocked? That I eventually came down with throat infection and sudden onset of fever. And I have every reason to blame that onto my ‘high sugar’ diet that I have been consuming for the past few weeks. 

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