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Time to stop looking at magazines and set your new resolutions based on the  flawless looking pictures of models and stars alike. We all, by now, should know about Photoshop, advertisers’ best friend, to make even the ugliest – pretty! No one has skin with no fine lines, no visible pores, crystal clear skin thats evenly toned.

I am 32 this year, and like everyone else, I constantly struggle with my skin. There are good times, and bad times. I have ‘hardworking’ days where I diligently upkeep with my skincare routine; there are also days where I just get too tired and skip my skin regimens too.

Here is a shot of my skin (face) under harsh white light. No photoshop, not adjustments, no makeup. Not perfect, yes. Not even that close in my opinion.


At 32, I have starting-to-sag skin, open visible pores, blackheads, acne scar on my forehead, unsightly moles, forming laugh lines at the side of my mouth, sallow looking skin.

Yet, I am as diligent as I can be, in the hope of trying to delay any signs of aging. At this moment, I have never tried any cosmetic surgery procedures, never splurge extravagantly on facial packages, and pretty moderate on my skincare product spendings. I am a believer of natural / holistic remedies, and I used to blog my beauty remedies actively on “For Beauty Sake”, before I closed it indefinitely a year plus ago.

This blog serves as a platform for me to actively share and engage my readers in my quest to good skin, looking its best and glowing healthily. I am passionate about equipping myself with the knowledge to maximize the efficacy of the products we use, therefore I never stop learning. Please feel free to share with me some of your firm beliefs, your favorite products, so to allow me to have the opportunity to try and review with my readers.

Till my next blog post, here is a quick reminder for everyone’s who’s reading now :

Have you drank your 8 glasses of water today?

*Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated, makes it look plump and helps to delay any signs of aging! And, its free! Please drink up today!