Review : ‘Oh She Runs’ – Why I love my Nike Roshe Run

This may sound contradicting to my life’s mantra to always live ‘less is more’. However, to the many of you out there who had spotted a Roshe Run in a Nike store but have yet to try it on, PLEASE DO GIVE IT A GO!

Roshe-Women-black sail

I bought my first pair of Roshe Run in Black/Sail a month ago, and I am excited to share with all my readers as to why I labelled them my fabulous everyday kicks! By the way, these shoes are for walking, though they feel so comfortable to even run in them!

  • Lightweight – They feel so light, almost weighing nothing!
  • Good Arch Support – I have a collapsed arch and bunion on my left foot, but wearing the Roshe Run comfortably support my arch and relieves the pain from my bunion which is usually always hurting!
  • Breathable Upper – The material used for the upper of the shoe is soft, comfy and breathable. My feet doesn’t smell after walking in them an entire day! Toes don’t have the feel of being cramped up unlike other sneakers.
  • Sole Cushioning and Good Impact Absorption – The sneaker has the Nike Lunarlon midsole for lightweight cushioning, as well as an EVA foam outsole that helps to absorb impact.
  • Removable Midsole – The Lunarlon midsole is removable and you can wash them easily to rid dirt and fabric fibers.
  • Understated Simplicity – Design is as simple as it gets. No accents, no patches, no weird breathe-holes. Just a basic simple shoe, simple tie-laces, and a simple sole.
  • Heel – I absolutely love the fact that it has a slight heel (3 cm) to it, unlike barefoot trainers / shoes. Who doesn’t love the elevated height?
  • Good Grip – The soles are in the what they called waffle-pattern for traction. It’s been tested on wet floors after rain and its not slippy.

If you are into customizing your own sneaks, Nike online store offers Nike Roshe Run iD – where you can design your own shoe from scratch. With up to 14 colors to choose from, from the outsole down to the heel loop, you can have your very own version of Roshes.

If you are into flamboyant and eye-catching prints, look out for Nike to release new designs of the shoe. The range is beyond your imagination, from wild tiger camo prints to multi-colored rainbow weave shoe upper, you will definitely find a pair that exhibits your personality.

These are some of the pairs I’m eyeing intensely! If Nike Singapore is looking for a Roshe Run Ambassador, I promise I will wear them everyday and everywhere! Make me one? 😉


Roshe Run Metric Black 

Roshe Run Red Camo Tiger

Roshe Run Red “Tiger Camo”


Roshe Run Woven in Black


Roshe Run Army Slate Camo

Verdict : The Roshe Run gave me a feeling of walking in heaven! I love them so much I am wearing them with everything! Easy to match, comfortable for walking, great sneaks! If you are looking for a pair of sneakers to take you everywhere, give it a try. I am completely sold! Are you?

  1. Emma H said:

    I was wondering where you bought your Roshe Runs! I have been trying to find that exact pair all over the internet this afternoon, but can’t find anything, except on ebay which i think are fakes anyway! any info would be great!! Im in Sydney but will buy wherever possible!! cool blog xx

    • Hi Emma, I bought my Black Sail Roshe Runs from Singapore. The Nike stores here are still selling the pink sail if I am not wrong. I have checked the prices on ebay and they seem pretty expensive. The thing with Roshe Runs is that each design is seasonal. Once they are sold out, it is hard to purchase them and sellers who have the stock will try to mark up the price. The black sail seems to be pretty popular and sold out in stores as well as online. I see the crimson sail in orange though, if you fancy that color 🙂

  2. Megan said:

    hi there, I was wondering store you bought this from in singapore? I have been unable to find it. and also, what is the price? thank you so much 🙂

  3. Hi Megan, I got mine from the paragon nike store. However it is sold out now. It was priced at 99 SGD. 🙂

  4. Cecile said:

    Hello, I was wondering if you can walk all day in your Nike Roshe Run’s without getting sore feet of achy legs? I am looking for simple sneakers that I can wear and walk in all day without getting any pain anywhere. Thanks!

  5. Lisa said:

    I got the roshe run metrics, use them almost every day & i’m still in love with them.
    Still want a pair of roshe run woven but in the rainbow color (saw a girl walking in them and was stunnned!).

  6. f said:

    hello do you happen to know where can i get a pair of Roshe Run Woven in Black in Singapore? i love the rainbow Roshe but idk if it’s still retailing anywhere ): have you been to their factory outlet at west coast? isit worth going?

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